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Actipro Controls Suite 2021 Crack founded in 1999, is a privately held provider of software components for the Microsoft .NET platform. Based in Cleveland, OH, USA, their focus is on delivering quality user interface software components that customers can trust to add robust functionality to their applications. They have been developing Windows Forms components since.

Actipro Controls Suite 2021 Crack HyClone ActiPro system of media and supplements is an innovative cell culture solution designed for high yields in large-scale protein production in batch or fed-batch cultures using recombinant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.

As the ActiPro Crack media and supplements do not contain hypoxanthine or thymidine (HT), the formulation supports the dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) gene amplification and selection system. This high-level mammalian expression system employs DHFR-deficient CHO cells in suspension culture with appropriate metabolite compliments.


Display Optimizations

The line charts have had optimizations in them to try and align to pixel values to reduce anti-aliasing.  While this generally improved readability, when rendering a curve like a sine wave, this can result in some jaggedness of the curve.


Dock Host Changed Event

A new event is raised whenever a docking window’s dock host changes, allowing for knowing when a docking window transitions to a floating state and back.

Dragging Enhancements

The dragging experience for a single tab has been improved.  When dragging a docking window over a nested linked dock site, the Shift key can be used to target the outer dock host.

Interop Improvements

Numerous improvements were made to how InteropFocusTracking handles mouse clicks and focus tracking for interop controls in docking windows.

Dock Guides

Dock guides (when in a non-hosted node) can now render outside of the bounds of the target dock host when necessary.  This scenario can occur if the containers in the docking host are small.


MaskedTextBox Data Binding

A new MatchedText property has been added to MaskedTextBox to allow data binding without any prompt text.

Pointer Double-Clicks

Double-clicking an edit box part now selects the entire part’s text.

Color Picker Alpha Component

ColorPicker’s alpha component has been changed to be percentage-based, which is more in line with most applications.

Theme Browser

We’ve updated the Theme Browser utility in the Sample Browser with a new text box that allows the filtering of resources.


See the announcement posts for the detailed list of enhancements and updates:

ActiPro production medium

Using the ActiPro 2020 medium with Cell Boost 7a and 7b supplements in fed-batch or perfusion cultures can contribute to significantly increased cell growth and protein yield.

ActiSM medium allows the cultivation or adaptation of recombinant CHO cells in small-scale shaker flasks or spinner bottles.  The lean formulation of the ActiSM medium can help simplify and shorten the time-consuming adaptation to fed-batch culture.

High flexibility Actipro

The use of the complete ActiPro system of media and supplements helps accelerate the time-consuming fed-batch optimization process. For fast-growing CHO cells with higher carbon consumption, glucose supplementation is a need

Established protocols facilitate easy and efficient identification of a feed strategy. concentrate amino acids, vitamins, salts, trace elements, and a carbon source.


Actipro Software is a leading provider of .NET user interface controls for the WPF, WinRT, Silverlight, and WinForms frameworks. They have been making. was one of the first vendors to release a commercial WPF control. Their wide array of products cover everything from docking windows, MDI, ribbons, property grids, gauges, editors, charts, and much more. Actipro is most well-known for its robust SyntaxEditor, a syntax-highlighting code editor control, which allows developers to easily bring a Visual Studio-like code editing experience into their own applications.

Actipro 2017-2018

Key Features:

  • Ready-to-use starter and scale-up kits
  • Chemically defined ADCF formulation
  • Does not contain HT, supporting the DHFR system
  • Regulatory-friendly
  • High-yield production of complex proteins
  • Short time to market

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