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StartIsBack++ 2.9.24 Crack with Serial Key Free Download

One of the biggest shocks to many Windows users was the disappearance of the start button on Windows 8. That ubiquitous tool that everyone was used to had suddenly disappeared and many of them were confused and angry about the change. They were very vocal about their opinions too! Windows 8 was intended to be used on desktop computers and laptops and tablets and phones, so it morphed into a more “touch-friendly” interface that required some drastic design changes than the previous versions.

As it normally happens in these cases, there was no going back on Microsoft’s part and users had to get used to Windows 8 having no start button. They did get Microsoft to include a sort of conceptual menu in Windows 10, but that’s a whole other story. StartIsBack++ CrackKey is an application that integrates with Windows to give you back the start button and taskbar that you miss so much. You can try it for free or just buy it directly from the official website for a very low price.

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A StartIsBack++ Crack is an incredible application that gives you a keen exemplary start trap and starts evolving the menu alternatives window. It notably builds the accessibility of processing gadgets and makes the new start-up display muddled and untidy. It is a homegrown lightweight 0-advantage application this is reasonable, reputable, brief, ground-breaking, and easy.

Your counsel can begin with your computer. It, much like an alternate association, The StartIsBack++ Crack Key will exhibit no postponement at the work region on every occasion it begins blazing, even in milliseconds.StartIsBack Menu starts evolved from the location of the painting. The expense of a permit application is 3, 5, or ten dollars, doubtlessly using one,  or 5 PCs. At gift, Windows 10 customers have fast accelerated, but all clients are nonetheless simplest a little problem with the Start menu Home Windows 10. StartIsBack++ application allows you to regulate the whole settings and appearance additives, so the Start menu can be very adaptable, not without a doubt a greater seasoned version.

StartIsBack++ Crack is a program that takes up less space than the average program in the section Productivity software. It’s very heavily used in some countries such as China, Japan, Tanzania, and the United Republic Of.

StartIsBack++ Crack

Key Features:

  • You will get the Windows 7 start menu back.
  • Do all the things you used to do with the start menu like a search for files, launch programs with just one click, access to recently used documents, and much more.
  • It’s a very light application, it doesn’t consume a lot of resources.
  • There are versions available for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • Its contemporary ambiguity highlighted darkness and impressive context options for the start menu.
  • Totally authentic displayed in StartIsBack++ 2.9.24 full crack start menu.
  • All-powerful DPI awareness start menu plus Settings app
  • Many new improvements and minor changes
  • New contemporary style with circular user image
  • The “Pinto Begin menu” envelope product is deleted if the SIB Start menu is not already used.
  • Application margins can be optionally optimized for the time being.
  • It is very easy to close your program.
  • Minor regression documented in user knowledge
  • Easily turn off your program.
  • Accuracy of melody icon and taskbar color
  • Open the files that you happen to be working on.
  • Launch the apps you use regularly.

More Features:

  • On Windows 10 you can choose a skin for the start menu and also one for the taskbar.
  • Configure the start menu, make it work like the one on Windows XP (if that’s what you want).


The price depends on the number of PCs you want to install the software on. It’s as easy as using your credit card or a PayPal account to make the payment and you’ll receive your license key in a few minutes over e-mail. There are two kinds of licenses: for personal use and businesses:

Type of license Number of PCs Price (USD)
Personal 1 2.99
2 4.99
5 9.99
Business Edition 10 – 300 30.00 – 480.00
400 – 2,000 600.00 – 2,000.00

As you can see, when it comes to personal licenses, you can go from a single user to a family pack. Also, the total price of the Business Edition depends on how many PCs will be using the software. There are some other price ranges not shown here, so if you’re interested in a business license you should probably head to the program’s official site and check out all the available options.

System Requirements:

As we mentioned before, this is a very lightweight program that doesn’t require a lot of hardware resources. One thing you should have though is Windows 8 or later installed.


  • It fully integrates with Windows and it consumes very little resources.
  • Bring back two of the Windows features you have missed since you updated Windows 8.
  • It’s not pricey, you can get it for a very low price.

Serial Keys


License Keys

  • CV71-RTY8-QSD2-JUT1-NMO0

Activation Keys

  • PO20-21YO-WER6-NOM9-JIIK4
  • VBU0-1R5Y-69O4-SAD9-MKO9

Product Key

  • CVU5-DO6L-AMG1-A5L0-BBY7


  • As it happens with this kind of tool, it can become kind of a security issue. There are some sites around offering cracks, so be careful not to download a gateway to your data.


If you’re one of the angry users who complain about that major change on Windows 8the  interface, you will certainly like an opportunity to bring the start button and start menu back. It wasn’t an easy adaptation to many, especially those in business environments, who said that Microsoft had only taken into account its mobile users and had neglected to consider those who used their operating system as a productivity tool and also those who didn’t own a touchscreen.

Whatever the case, someone got to work and developed StartIsBack++ Crack as an alternative to having to adapt to the tiles and new kinds of menus. A simple download and installation process (that doesn’t even require you to have administrative rights) will give you not only what the name offers, but also you will be able to customize the start menu and taskbar as you please so they will be more visually appealing and tailored to your specific needs.

What’s New?

  • Fix jump list color missing with non-acrylic blur
  • The start menu will default to All program’s view if the My plans view is empty.

How To Crack?

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  • Follow The Instructions.
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